Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue or Green?

Also known as "Noticeable Gaps in the Editor's Attention Span."

Last night I finished Ted Dekker's "Blink of an Eye". It was very good, actually, except for one question that has been driving me crazy since I encountered it. The following quotes are all excerpts from the book listed in the order I read them in. They are all descriptions of the same man, as seen from the viewpoint of his female companion. 
His eyes shifted past her, lost in bright blue astonishment.

Under his tossed blond curls, behind his clear green eyes, Seth's mind was encountering the future. 

"Your eyes are like the blue waters of the Al-Hasa oasis."

Seth looked at her with his pretty green eyes, now darkened with sadness and fatigue.

Are Seth Border's eyes blue or green?

The Al-Hasa Oasis


  1. A person's eyes can be both, depending on the light. Patrick's eyes are like that, though his are also hazel often.

  2. A person's eyes can be both, depending on their mood. ;) My Dad's are that way. They are green when he's tired, blue most of the rest of the time. If he's wearing a blue or green shirt, however, his eyes always match it. Kinda bizarre - I'm not sure what causes it.