Friday, July 1, 2011

101 Things I've Learned: The Villian is Always Lying

Rose being threatened by Daleks
"We have your associate. You will cooperate or she will die."

Whenever a villain tells you this, you need to remember one rule. Even if you do cooperate, she'll die.  This is because the villain is always lying. No matter what the bad guy promises you; gold, riches, freedom, the life and security of friends, family, or loved ones, just don't listen to him. Because giving in, cooperating, actually believing him, will always result in this:

"You said..."
"I lied."
Derek and Odette

Of course he lied! He's the villain for crying out loud! He didn't get his horrible reputation for keeping his word! Never, ever exchange your freedom to a villain, or commit some act of treachery based on only his word alone. It takes more courage to stand up to this kind of lying then it does to give in. If you give in you aren't saving anyone.

"I've fought the forbidden arts before, and I'll fight them again, but I am not loosing her."

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