Thursday, July 28, 2011

101 Things I've Learned: Don't Open the Door!

*Bugs Bunny carries the Wolf to the door and throws him out*
*He slams the door shut and starts back across the room*
*The door knocks*
*Bugs turns back and opens it*
*The Wolf comes back in*

It's not a very common problem among more serious minded heroes, but it pops up enough in cartoons and comedies that it should be warned against. You're safe inside. Outside lurks the Bad. If you open the door the Bad will come in. If the door knocks, if you hear a strange sound, if you think it's gone, whatever the Bad may do to tempt you, do not open the door. For the minute you do the Bad will come inside and you are no longer safe. 

"I do hope nobody answers."

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