Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We're Moving!

The Idea Factory is moving! After a great deal of pressure from those more geeky than I am I have decided to abandon Blogger and switch to wordpress, obtaining my own URL in the process. I haven't trusted Blogger since the day this blog started; after all, it ate the entire thing the day after it was created!

We are moving to This was previously a website for my musical pursuits, but we've moved that site over to There are now two websites; one for writing endeavors, and one for music. To recap:


But that's not even the really big news. The really big news is this: The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob is finished, and ready for sale! That's right, it's all done. You can now order your very own copy of this infamous pirate's tale! To celebrate the final release I'm making a special offer: get your order in before May 13 and your copy will be signed by both the author(me!) and the illustrator. Do keep in mind that these copies will not ship for at least a week after the deadline closes, so if you want your copy in a hurry you can order it straight off of Amazon. Check out the official page for more details. Also, have you seen the shiny new facebook page? That's not the end of the exciting news. "The Sword and Pen; the Poetry of Holy Worlds" is also finally available for sale. I have several pieces in the collection, wrote the introduction, and was one of the organizers. All proceeds go back to the forum.

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