Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcome to the Idea Factory (Again)

An odd thing happened to me today.

Well, to be fair, I have no assurance that it was today that it happened, I only know that it is today I found out about it. Last week (Wednesday night, to be precise) I finally acted on an Idea I've had for some time, and I started a new blog. I called it the Idea Factory. I was very happy with it, and sent the link to all of my friends, so they'd be sure to follow it. Then, of course, life kicked in, and I forgot all about it until the weekend.

So this morning I have a message from one of my friends that says "Vanya," (in some parts of the world my friends call me Vanya), "Vanya, that link doesn't work."
"Well, that's odd," I say to myself and go to investigate.

The link doesn't work. It doesn't work for a very good reason, there's nothing there. None of the links work. No errors, no warnings, and no e-mails, the blog just walked off a disappeared from the world of blogspot. Very disturbing, if you ask me.

Why? My brain wonders. I had three followers, a full fledged design, and my first post was up and two more were being drafted, and now it is all gone. Perhaps it is a conspiracy. Perhaps the people who run Blogger like to delete blogs at random. That might be unfair, maybe they know no more about it than I do. Maybe it's the goblins who run my computer, the same ones who know exactly what you need next in a game and make sure you get the opposite. Maybe they deleted my blog.

Or maybe I have mortal enemies and this is some kind of warning note that I have to decipher if I wish to save my life. Or perhaps I know pranksters who pretend to be my friends and this is their idea of a practical joke. Or, maybe, perhaps, and possibly it's some totally random and indecipherable technical glitch...

But whichever it is, do you think this new version will disappear as mysteriously as it's predecessor?


  1. You know what, Blogger did have some trouble with their servers the other day. They had to delete recent posts and most likely something happened to your blog in the shuffle. Glad it's up, though! :D I love the background. (Though purple is not my favorite color :D)


  2. You know, you're probably right. I heard about that. Actually, I experienced it. I went to edit something, blogger was temporarily unavailable, so I figured I'd do it later, and later it was gone. So much for conspiracy theories and goblins running my Internet.

  3. Your conspiracy theories are so much more fun, though. ;)

  4. Yes, blogger was down, and deleted one of my comments. Horrid blogger. I am now heartbroken, I am no longer the first follower on Vanya's blog. *glares at Blogger* Surely it could have thought of other ways to keep me from Vanya's blog instead of deleting it!