Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to the (Original) Idea Factory!

Welcome to the Idea Factory!
My brain is a deep and mysterious place, filled with an astonishing conjunction of things. The weather is often stormy; energy impulses flash and battle with each other, and the view is obscured. But these storms are followed by peaceful serenity, when the newly seeded plants can germinate and grow in rich soil, with plenty of sun and water. Given enough time they will grow up and blossom into brilliant ideas.

Some of the ideas are large, beautiful, and tall of stature. They are majestic, sensible, and logical.
Some ideas are quirky and mischievous. They bend in directions they shouldn't go, and wink at you in ways that aren't possible.
Some ideas are puzzles; mysterious and enigmatic, waiting for someone to divine their purpose.
Some ideas are hybrids, borrowing off of and even stealing from other ideas.

My mind is like a great idea factory, and I'm never sure what will sprout up next, or what I will do with it when it grows to maturity. This is a place for my ideas to lurk once they're grown, socializing and ideaing with their own. There are no rules to what might sprout up here, and no guarantee that everything makes sense. if you're not afraid of the insanely brilliant than grab your idea harvester and come along, but make sure you watch out for those brainstorms!

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  1. This should be lots of fun. Looking forward to scavenging in the field of ideas!