Saturday, June 18, 2011


It was recently suggested to me that I should post reviews on this blog. My first thought was "Why on earth would I do that?" but almost immediately afterwards I thought, "Well why not?"

I never read reviews. Well, I almost never read reviews. Well, I never read reviews for things I haven't seen. Or I try not to. Sometimes I don't succeed. The reason why is thusly: I see a new movie coming out. I don't care. I won't even remember the title, unless it gets mentioned to me multiple times. But if I let myself read a review... or two... or listen to friends talking about it, or get sucked into a discussion, I get curious. "Is it really as good as they say? Could it possibly be that lame? And what's it really about?" Before I know it... I'm watching a movie I never had any, any interest in the world in seeing!

But, that's the point of reviews, isn't it? So the question I have to ask is: do reviews meet the vision and purpose of the Idea Factory? The answer is yes. Many Ideas come from movies and films, both good and bad ones. Not everyone can watch everything, so there needs to be some guide of what to watch. Reviews help provide this, and spread awareness about worthwhile ones. On top of that it gives me a chance to carry on about what I love and hate in what I read and write, and everyone always wants to do that.

And that is why I'm going to start writing Reviews. (With a capital R. Because everything important is capitalized in the world of Ideas.)

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