Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctor Seven

Star Trek: Assignment: Earth

 The last episode of Star Trek; the Original Series Season Two was the first episode of a new, spin off series. This was the only episode of that series to air, and no one is quite sure what became of it. Doctor Who fans will assert, however, that Gary Seven was either an impostor or the Seventh Doctor in disguise, for who else could possess the same marvelous technology?

Gary Seven's "Sonic Device."

The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Gary Seven's manufactured credentials

Psychic Paper

However, there is one difference which we can be quite sure of... at least when it comes to the Tenth Doctor's incarnation. The Doctor is not a cat person.


  1. But, you know, Six likes cats....

  2. I think it's just because of New Earth. He had a bad experiance with cats, after all.

  3. And he had a female companion -- he was a humanoid alien who worked to save mankind -- the sonic screwdriver clenched it for me. Gary Seven was totally a timelord. *nods*