Thursday, August 25, 2011

101 Things I've Learned: How Do You Know My Name?

(replace with appropriate mental image)
A young woman exits the elevator and inquires of a random character walking past: "I think I'm lost. I'm looking for ward 26?"
Who replies: "This way, Rose Tyler."

A young man falls unconscious and awakens next to a mysterious man's fire. They talk for a considerable time and the stranger (who has not been introduced) calls him by name: "Artose, God has a plan for your life."

If a complete stranger knows your name it is a very good indication a villain is behind it. (Either that or he's a angel or you're having a vision; everyone in dreams knows who you are.) You should never, ever walk off with someone who knows your name when you never gave it.

How do you know my name? Are you an angel, a saint, or a devil?
How do you know my name? Where you expecting me?
How do you know my name? Who sent you? Where's my companion? Where are you taking me?

Unless you're wearing a nametag, or you have your identity printed on your forehead, or you're in a dream, or you know the person you're speaking to, or the person knows a person you know and can identify him, or you have an ID that's scanable from the distance if a strange knows your name... don't go with him. If a stranger knows your name... ask him how. And if he doesn't answer satisfactorily do the smart thing.

And what is the smart thing? Run the other way.

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